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Welcome to the Etta Mae Blog!

If you have found yourself here, it is highly likely you are a joyful, celebration-loving, ray of sunshine looking for inspiration and guidance, whatever the milestone. It is my aim to ensure that the Etta Mae blog provides you with the best possible information, tools and resources, covering all the major elements/parts of planning a milestone event. 


Getting married? You’ll find everything from proposal inspiration to planning your honeymoon. Having a baby? We’ve got baby showers, baptisms and birthdays covered. Anniversary? Graduation? Milestone birthday? Look no further. Whether it’s an intimate dinner party or a backyard bonanza, delve into the blog to find what you need. 


No article there yet? Let us know and will make sure we cover it soon! Each section is a guide.  Dip into it wherever you need.


This website is full of worksheets, e-books and resources to help keep you on track, organised and stress-free along the way.


It is my sincere hope that it will keep you sane and actually let you enjoy making history with your family (or creating your family’s history) instead of stressing your way through the planning of the most joyful and memorable moments of your life.  Don’t let the planning overshadow the end goal: spending time with those you love in the joyful celebration of life’s milestone moments. 


With love and laughter,




Hi I'm Emma - Owner Etta Mae.heic

Emma McMillan

Founder Etta Mae Decor

Hello lovely!

I'm Emma - mum, wife and wedding + event planner, living with my boys in Perth, Western Australia.

I'm a foodie + wine loving chatterbox who loves: the beach, travelling, good books, belly laughs, spontaneous adventures and beautiful interior design.

Thanks for being here!


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