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Who are Etta Mae?

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Meet Emma

Etta Mae Founder and CEO

Hi I'm Emma - Owner Etta Mae.heic

Fun Facts About Me 














I'm a total bookworm!

Lover of Harry Potter, Crime Fiction, Historical Fiction and everything in between!

I love to cook!

The kitchen is the heart of my home.


Eating good food, drinking good wine and sharing it with great company makes my heart sing!

I am learning how to stand-up paddle board.

I'm an emotional and procrasti-cleaner! 

I love to sing and dance - it's a real mood booster! You can often catch me belting out a tune in the car on the school run! 

I believe Billy Connelly is a comedy genius and never get bored of watching his work.

I want to own a pair of Jimmy Choo heels before I'm too old to walk in them.

I'm a little bit obsessed with Pinterest.

I have skydived, abseiled, trekked up a volcano and a glacier and climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge despite being afraid of heights.

Hi lovely!


I’m Emma, founder and CEO of Etta Mae Decor.


I believe that your memories matter. 


At the heart of Etta Mae is my unwavering belief that the world will be a better place when people love, appreciate and connect with each other more.


Everything we do is guided by our mission to inspire and nurture human relationships, one celebration, one family and one community at a time.


What’s in a name?...


The name Etta Mae was inspired by my two grandmothers. It is an amalgamation of the names they were known by. 


Both these women were strong, resilient and worked hard under tough circumstances. They were the backbone of their families and loved having everyone together in the celebration of important occasions in life and I have happy, enduring memories of them. 


Naming a business, which strives to inspire joy, connection and memories in everyday celebrations, after these incredible women is my way of honouring their influence on my life. It keeps me focussed on the woman I want to be and what is important in life.


I want to inspire meaningful connections and help you create joyful memories.



Once Upon a Time...


The spark for Etta Mae really began a number of years ago when my husband and I were planning our wedding. At the same time, we were building a house, raising a toddler and both worked demanding full time jobs.


As a busy young mum, time was of the essence and I found myself growing steadily frustrated at not being able to find beautiful, stylish decor and accessories that I felt reflected our personality and that felt meaningful. 


I couldn’t find quality items that would stand the test of time and keep my memories alive. 


I wanted pieces that would stimulate conversations with our friends and family and bring joy into our lives on a daily basis. I would spend hours, days and weeks trawling websites trying to find what I was looking for.


It was exhausting and in the end, I made compromises and did without pieces that would have added the perfect finishing touches to the day and reflected our personality and style. 


After my wedding, I had nothing of quality to take home with me to remind me of the most special day of my life.


We had nothing to show our children to stimulate stories and discussion about this significant event in our lives. 


It still upsets me now.



Making a Difference...


I realised that we live in a disposable culture, where items are rarely built to stand the test of time or endure. We are unlikely to pass pieces onto our children or grandchildren. I want to change that.


A few years on, we added to our family and lost loved ones too soon. 


I constantly found myself reflecting on the importance of nurturing relationships with my friends and family, making connections with new friends and filling my life with fun and joyful interactions, however small. 


Life is short and it is so easy to go weeks, months, and even years without spending quality time with those you love the most. 


I decided to make sure this never happened to me again and I don’t want that for you either!


Having decor and accessories in your home that you can re-use, re-purpose and admire, helps you continually remember those good times and strengthen the connections with your loved ones. 


They trigger memories, start traditions, initiate conversations and inspire re-connection with lapsed friends. 


That is my mission.


So welcome to Etta Mae Decor!


In our Etta Mae store, you’ll find a curated range of meaningful decor and giftware that can be used for a wide range of special occasions, giving you never ending reasons to celebrate. 


Many items in our collection can be repurposed and serve as a daily reminder of your special event.



Whether you have an engagement party, wedding, birthday party, anniversary, Christmas, bridal or baby shower, we have just the items to highlight your celebration and keep the memories alive, long after the event is over.



If you’d like a more inclusive and holistic service, I’d love to talk to you about how I can help plan your event. 


I can bring together the suppliers, include details that set your event apart and help you create moments your guests will never forget - and neither will you!


I pay attention to details so you don’t have to, because I believe your memories matter.


We are adding to the collection all the time, so if there is something you are looking for, just ask - we’d be delighted to find it for you.


With Love and Laughter,





What you need to know about us!


We value family, so it's important that we take a step away from work to spend some quality time with those we love.

That's why we're closed on Monday's.

Just as you have a break over the weekends, we take our time out at the beginning of the week, so we are able to be on hand to help you celebrate your weddings and events with those that you love.

We know how life is, so during this time, if you need to call us or send an email before you forget, feel free to do so and we will reply to your message when we return to the office on Tuesday.

You can expect us to reply within 48hrs in office hours.




We love to spread the love, so it's woven into the way we run weddings and events at Etta Mae.

Some of the ways we do this are:

  • Donation of unwanted and/or leftover flowers to Aged Care Facilities and hospitals in our local area.

  • Donation of leftover/unwanted food to women's and homeless shelters.

  • In lieu of favours, we can arrange to make a donation on behalf of your guests to the charity of your choice.

  • 5% of every service package couples book goes to charitable organisations close to my heart. 

We will continue to find ways that we can give back to our community and expand on these as our business grows.

Let me know about the ways you'd like to share the love at your wedding or milestone event and we'll see how we can make it happen for you.

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What's Your Wedding Style?


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If you are struggling to find your style, why not take this fun quiz to find out which style of wedding best suits your personality?

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Are you ready to nurture your relationships with your loved ones, and fill your life with joyful interactions?


Need someone to deal with the details?

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